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Tasks of Interpraevent

The purpose of the Research Society is to set up preventive protection against disasters, and to further interdisciplinary research to protect human living space against flooding, debris flow, landslides, avalanches and rockfall, as well as anthropogenic (man-made) influences and destruction. As the Society’s name implies, the intention is also to carry out research and pass on information concerning the causes of these events.

  • To compile and analyse the causes of natural disasters.
  • To develop preventive, damage-minimizing, protective measures.
  • To organize international interdisciplinary events.
  • To publish the results of scientific work.
  • To constantly pass on the latest results of research to decision-makers in politics, administration, science and the economy.
  • To bring together international activities and interests.
  • To further the regular exchange of information and knowledge.
  • To function as the connecting link between science and practice.
flood 2007
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Aims and practical benefits

  • The creation of decision-making aids for all questions of technical, planning, administrative and economic preparedness.
  • The provision of a basis for decision-makers, in order to safeguard the “public interest” from group interests.
  • The facilitation of further training for specialists.
  • The provision of a central advisory service for questions and explanations concerning natural occurrences.
  • The presentation of scientific discoveries and conclusions in a generally comprehensible form, making them applicable for practitioners.
  • The bringing together of research work from different specialist fields.

One important benefit of the INTERPRAEVENT network is the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.

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