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Elisa Sbrissa, Carla Pendino, Ruggero Valentinotti and Stefano Fait Analysis and integration of data sources for the hydrogeological hazard classification in the Autonomous Province of Trento 2016 EA
250 - 251
Christian Scheidl and Micha Heiser The influence of hillslope-channel coupling conditions in transport-limited debris-flow catchments 2016 EA
252 - 253
Thomas Scheuner, Severin Schwab, Demian Schneider, Christoph Graf, Serena Liener and Rafael Wernli Heavy rainstorm triggerd floodings in central Switzerland in summer 2014 - event analysis and planning of protection measures with the help of numerical models 2016 EA
254 - 255
Adrian Schmid-Breton Instrument for the assessment of the impact of flood risk measures 2016 EA
256 - 257
Schober St., Thomas Piechl, Gernot R. Koboltschnig and Daniel Sichler „Local natural hazard exposure“ a GIS based model for the assessment of alpine natural hazards on a municipal level 2016 EA
258 - 259
Britta Fuchs, Doris Damyanovic, Florian Reinwald and Julia Eisl A gender+-sensitive analysis of local planning instruments in the context of natural disasters and disaster risk management in Austria 2016 EA
26 - 27
Philippe Schoeneich, Mary-Claude Busset-Henchoz, MSc and Denyse Raymond Mapping historical hazard data on GIS. The avalanches in the Col des Mosses area (Swiss Prealps) 2016 EA
260 - 261
Leonhard Schwarz, Arben Koçiu, Karl Hagen and Florian Rudolf-Miklau Landslides assessment for spatial planning - the new Austrian ACSP-standards 2016 EA
262 - 263
Johann Seiwald, Peter Markus Wagner, Christian Scheidl, Matthias Granig and Johannes Hübl Run-out prediction for small and medium scale dense flow avalanches - evaluation of ELBA+ and calibration of the Alpha-Beta model. 2016 EA
264 - 265
Peter Seitz, Fidel Hendry, Mark Gropius and Werner Fessler The hazard map groundwater of Nidwalden - against the unknown hazard from the underground 2016 EA
266 - 267
Daniel Trappmann, Markus Stoffel, Luuk Dorren, Christine Moos and Arthur Sandri Effects of rockfall protection forests and their implementation in the Swiss risk concept 2016 EA
268 - 269
Susanna Tscharner, Georgios Kyriazis and Johannes Hübl Hazard mapping of torrents in urban areas 2016 EA
270 - 271
Daniel Trappmann, Markus Stoffel and Luuk Dorren Contribution of tree-impact data and tree-ring analyses to rockfall risk assessments: a case study from the Swiss Alps 2016 EA
272 - 273
Taro Uchida, Yuki Nishiguchi, Yasutaka Tanaka, Jun’ichi Kambara, Ryosuke Okuyama and Tomoo Matsubara Probabilistic method for assessing disaster risk due to deep-seated catastrophic landslides in Japan 2016 EA
274 - 275
Stefan Unterrader and Sven Fuchs Quantifying rockfall risk on road Infrastructure in the Port Hills of Christchurch, New Zealand 2016 EA
276 - 277
Petra Walther, Stefan Dornack and Uwe Müller Four severe flood events within 11 years - measures and results of the flood risk management in the Free State of Saxony (Germany) 2016 EA
278 - 279
Barbora Neveršil, Josef Hess, Barbara Galliker Guglielmetti, Nina Aemisegger, Michèle Marti and Birgit Ottmer A better informed public through the Swiss Confederation‘s joint natural hazards portal 2016 EA
28 - 29
Christian Willi, Rao Fu and Juerg Elsener Urban Flood Risk Management: systematical, risk-based approach and an innovative solution with microwave links 2016 EA
280 - 281
Marius Asenkerschbaumer The design of a resilient flood protection system in the Klausbach valley 2016 EA
284 - 285
Catherine Berger, Corinna Wendeler, Lisa Stieglitz and Guido Lauber Examples of big debris retention basins combining concrete and net-structures 2016 EA
286 - 287
Alberto Bisson and Simonetta Cola Floating anchors for the stabilization of Cischele landslide in the Venetian Prealps 2016 EA
288 - 289
Simon Carladous, Félix Philippe, Emilie Gentilini, Coralie Grandy, Jean-Marc Tacnet and Marie-Pierre Michaud Effectiveness assessment of protection works in mountains: from knowledge management tools to operational survey 2016 EA
290 - 291
Michael Chiari, Markus Moser, Martin Trojer and Johannes Hübl A systematic investigation of torrential filter structures by physical scale experiments 2016 EA
292 - 293
Yi Liang Chien, Fu Min Tseng and Su-Chin Chen Characterizing landslide dam breach geometry conducted by field landslide dam overtopping failure experiment 2016 EA
294 - 295
Jérôme Dubois, Didier Morard and Florian Aubry B. Flood protection of the alpine village of Verbier (Switzerland) 2016 EA
296 - 297
Federico Ferrario, Andrea Pedrazzini, Cédric Choffat and Patrice Eschmann Application and adaptation of NAIS approach for the management of protective forests of canton Jura (Switzerland) 2016 EA
298 - 299
Helen Gosteli, Dörte Aller, Astrid Leutwiler, Florian von Fischer and Michael Stump Security level for natural hazards 2016 EA
30 - 31
300 - 301
Sandro Gius, Martin Moser, Bruno Mazzorana and Sabrina Margarete Horak Large wood and sediment retention in the Rienz above the city of Bruneck (South Tyrol) 2016 EA
302 - 303
Grete Hedemann Aalstad, Hallvard Berg and Grethe Helgaas The flood protection concept in Kvam, Norway 2016 EA
304 - 305
Timo Heinisch and Roland Hollenstein Integrated natural hazards protection concept Vitznau LU - case study Altdorfbach 2016 EA
306 - 307
Andreas Holderer and Thomas Brandner Renovation of consolidation dams - example for a modern technical solution 2016 EA
308 - 309
Árni Jónsson The use of sheet piles as measures against rapid mass flows 2016 EA
310 - 311
Silvia Kaeser, Markus Zimmermann and Margreth Keiler Geomorphological effects of sediment retention on downstream river reaches in mountain torrents 2016 EA
312 - 313
Stefan Margreth, Andre Burkard, Sam Wyssen and Peter Vorwerk Improving the availability of mountain roads - solutions and challenges: the example of the Furka road between Hospental and Realp (Switzerland) 2016 EA
314 - 315
Florian Rudolf-Miklau, Andreas Rimböck, Bruno Mazzorana and Andreas Pichler Applying systems engineering (SE) and life cycle management (LCM) principles to protection systems 2016 EA
316 - 317
Markus Schatzmann and Marius Junker The Maschänserrüfe project: Structural measures against debris flow hazard 2016 EA
318 - 319
Frédéric Guex and Yves Chatelain The Eau Froide river flood protection project ( Switzerland) 2016 EA
32 - 33
Massimiliano Schwarz, Christine Moos, Luuk Dorren, Christian Rickli, Frank Graf, Joos Mattli and Peter Bebi Influence of forest structure on the mitigation of shallow landslides: a case study in St. Antönien (Switzerland) 2016 EA
320 - 321
Sebastian Schwindt, Guillaume Piton, Giovanni De Cesare, Alain Recking and Anton J. Schleiss Study of the effects of a distanced retention basin combined with an open check dam on a physical model 2016 EA
322 - 323
Jošt Sodnik, Pavel Debeljak, Jure Bogataj and Urška Petje Extreme flash floods in October 2014 and neglected torrent control - case study of the Hotovlja valley, Slovenia 2016 EA
324 - 325
Reto Störi and Reto Baumann A new testing methodology for avalanche and rockfall barrier anchors 2016 EA
326 - 327
Zsolt Vecsernyes, Nicolas Andreini and Jean-Louis Boillat Innovative driftwood retention device on the Aire river in Geneva, Switzerland 2016 EA
328 - 329
Axel Volkwein, Peter Kummer and Corinna Wendeler Loads on post foundations of rockfall protection fences 2016 EA
330 - 331
Corinna Wendeler, Rico Brändle and Beat Keller New flexible nets retaining shallow landslide and influencing the hazard mapping 2016 EA
332 - 333
Markus Wyss New planning process for flood protection projects after severe flooding events 2016 EA
334 - 335
Warin Bertschi, Christian Pfammatter and Mathias Zesiger The use of orthophotos to document severe weather events 2016 EA
338 - 339
Rainer Höhne and Andreas Rimböck Self-monitoring of torrent control protection structures in Bavaria 2016 EA
34 - 35
Tristan Bourdin and Thomas Berger Securing the Cliff of Bon Voyage - NICE - a case study of an emergency mission using laserscan 2016 EA
340 - 341
Marco Gaia, Alessandro Hering, Guido Della Bruna, Luca Nisi, Paolo Ambrosetti, Daniele Nerini and Cecilia Cetti Thunderstorm warnings: design and development of a real-time automatic warning system for the authorities and the population 2016 EA
342 - 343

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