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e-newsletter GIS.FCU

Interpraevent would like to make aware of the current e-newsletter of the GIS Research Center of the Feng Chia University in Taiwan.
The current newsletter can be found here and the English web page of GIS.FCU can be found under

Student Poster Award 2012 - winners

We would like to congratulate the winners of the this year's Interpraevent Student Poster Award, which has been granted for the three best student posters during the 12th Interpraevent congress in Grenoble, France.
1st place Daniel Trappmann (Berne)Quantifying rockfall hazards through injury counting on the bark of trees.
2nd place Favier Pilomène (Grenoble)Formal snow avalanche risk assessment to buildings and optimal design of defense structures.
3rd place Andrea Kreisler (Vienna)Bedload trap measurements as part of an integrative measurement system.

(Download the awarded posters by clicking on titles.)

The Student Poster Award consisted of € 3000,- and was granted to the three best student poster contributions (€ 1500,- for the first, € 1000,- for the second, and € 500,- for the third place).

The International Research Society would like to thank all students from diverse universities in the European Alps who participated in this competition. We congratulate the winners.

PermaNET brochure now in 4 languages / PermaNET Broschüre jetzt viersprachig

The synthesis report on the PermaNET project is from now on available in four languages - French, German, Italian and English.

Den Synthesebericht des PermaNET Projektes gibt es von nun an in vier Sprachen - französisch, deutsch, italienisch und englisch.

You can either order the printed synthesis report or download it under service -> publications.

Sie können entweder den gedruckten Synthesebericht bestellen oder den Bericht unter dem Menü Service -> Veröffentlichungen herunterladen.

Anmeldung, Programm, Details / registration, programme, details IP 2012 Congress

Die Anmeldung zum Interpraevent Kongress, welcher vom 23. zum bis 26. April 2012 in Grenoble stattfindet, ist ab nun möglich.
The registration for the Interpraevent congress, which will be held from April 23rd to 26th, 2012 is from now on possible.

Zur Online Anmeldung geht es Sie hier.
Weitere Informationen zum Kongress finden Sie hier.

The online registration can be found here.
Further information concerning the congress can be found here.


Natural Ri$k Evaluation - workshop output

The conclusions of the international workshop Natural Ri$k Evaluation organized in the frame of the Alpine Space project AdaptAlp have been published online.

The English short-conclusions can be found here.

All presentations can be found here.

Update on IP congress 2012
The congress preparation is on the way ...

Starting in January this year 236 extended abstracts were submitted for the upcoming Interpraevent congress in Grenoble. 53 of these extended abstracts were accepted without and 164 were acceptable with revisions. As some authors did not take the chance to revise their abstracts the deadline for the submission of revised extended abstracts has been expanded until the end of October 2011. Only fully accepted extended abstracts will be published in the special extended abstracts voulme.

From the group of authors, who submitted acceptable extended abstracts, 130 were invited to submit a full paper. The deadline for the submission of full papers ended on September 15th, 2011. Invited authors, who did not submit their full paper yet, are asked to get in touch with the organising team.

By the end of November 2011 authors of full papers will be informed on the acceptance of their papers.

The official congress web page will be available soon and provide information on registration, congess details, etc.

PermaNET brochure - now in English and German
After the project closure of PermaNET the new brochure on the Alpine Permafrost Long-term Monitoring Network has been published.
Under the lead of Volkmar Mair (Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy) and Andreas Zischg (Abenis Alpinexpert GmbH/srl, Bolzano, Italy) this project on the monitoring of permafrost has reached its destination. As mountain permafrost is one of many aspects to be considered in natural hazards and risk management in the Alps INTERPRAEVENT has supported this publication.
The assessment of natural hazards and the elaboration of hazard zone maps in permafrost affected areas is a rather complex ask as the degradation of permafrost is influencing the riggering and the evolvement of natural hazards processes such as rockfalls, landslides and debris flows. This can have direct consequences for infrastructures in permafrost areas and indirect consequences for other natural hazards such as floods. As increasing air temperature has a direct impact on the thermal characteristics and the geotechnical behaviour of frozen rock and soil material climate change is another topic, which has to be taken into account.

All in all, mountain permafrost is another factor of the complex system of Alpine catchments. Hence, in high mountain areas the analysis of permafrost and related natural hazards represents one part of integrated watershed management and in some cases it plays an important role for the integrated risk management.

INTERPRAEVENT supports the exchange of knowledge and experiences between science and practitioners in the field of natural hazards and risk management. Therefore this brochure is a valuable continuation of former brochures on the documentation of mountain disasters (DOMODIS - available in English, French and German) and the brochure on drift wood (available in German only).

The PermaNET team tried to synthesize the state of the art of permafrost detection, permafrost monitoring and the consideration of permafrost in natural hazards assessment from a practitioner‘s point of view. Thus, this brochure contributes to the main aims of INTERPRAEVENT such as providing decision bases for stakeholders in natural hazards and risk management, presenting scientific discoveries and conclusions to practitioners and creating decision-making aids for all questions of technical, planning, administrative and economic preparedness.
The brochure can ordered online under the menu "service" -> "publications" or can be dowloaded here.

AdaptAlp project - common strategic paper
INTERPRAEVENT participated in the AdaptAlp project (mainly in WP6). After the official project finalization the CSP is avilable here.

In the CSP (common strategic paper) the AdaptAlp partnership seeks to provide policy-makers and decision-makers throughout the Alpine arc with useful information on strategies and good practice examples for natural hazard management in a changing climate.

Vacancies and requests for placements on on_alp_exchange

Take a look at the on_alp_exchange platform. There is a vacancy available for an expert in the field of torrents and floods to go to Aosta valley. Furthermore three experts are requesting a placement somewhere in the Alps in the field of avalanches, mass movements, floods (hydrology), and mountain torrents. One of these experts has special interst in glacier hazards.

Kosten- Wirksamkeitsanalyse von Hochwasserschutzmaßnahmen

Ergebnisbericht der Kosten- Wirksamkeitsanalyse der Hochwasserschutzmaßnahmen an der Gail.
Study report on the cost-effectivity of flood protection measures at river Gail (in German only).

Im Zusammenhang mit der Gründungsgeschichte der Forschungsgesellschaft INTERPRAEVENT, die auf die Hochwasserereignissen 1965/66 zurück geht, wurde eine Studie zur Kosten-Wirksamkeit von Hochwasserschutzmaßnahmen am Gail-Fluss erarbeitet. Dabei wurde der volkswirtschaftliche Nutzen von Hochwasserschutzmaßnahmen, welche im Zuge des generellen Projektes 1970 auf Grund der Ereignissen 1965/66 an der Gail bis heute umgesetzt wurden, dargestellt und analysiert. Die INTERPRAEVENT hat sich durch die Übernahme von 10% der Auftragskosten finanziell an der Studie  beteiligt.
Nunmehr liegt der Endbericht vor, welcher als zentrales Ergebnis hat, dass jede in den Hochwasserschutz investierte Million Euro einen Nutzen von 9 Millionen Euro durch den Schutz von Gebäudewerten inklusive Bruttowertsteigerung bringt.

Den Bericht können Sie hier herunterladen:

... oder Sie finden ihn unter dem Menüpunkt Service -> Veröffentlichungen.


Closely linked to the foundation of the research society INTERPRAEVENT, which goes back to the flood events in 1965/66, a study has been ordered to elaborate the cost effectivity of flood protection measures in a retrospective way. Therefore all investments in protection measures based on the general project 1970 until today vs. the prevented damages have been evaluated for the Gail river. INTERPRAEVENT financially supported this study by funding 10% of the costs.
Now the report has been finalized. The main outcome is that an investment of one million Euro for flood rotection measures results in nine million Euros benefit for protected values
of buildings including the gross value increase.

This report can be downloaded here (in German only):

... or you can find it under the menu Service -> Publications.

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