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INTERPRAEVENT 2018 - Conference Proceedings
1 Volume (English)

Interpraevent 2018 in the Pacific Rim

Toyama, Japan
1-4 October 2018


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Takashi Yamada (Editor in chief)

Catrin Promper (Austria), Daizo Tsutsumi (Japan), Florian Rudolf-Miklau (Austria), Hideaki Mizuno (Japan), Hiromu Daimaru (Japan), Hiroshi Takebayashi (Japan), Humitoshi Imaizumi (Japan), Joji Shima (Japan), Kana Nakatani (Japan), Kazumasa Kuramoto(Japan), Matjaz Mikos (Slovenia), Mio Kasai (Japan), Niki Beyer Portner (Switzerland), Syusuke Miyata (Japan), Takashi Gomi (Japan), Taro Uchida (Japan), Teruyoshi Takahara (Japan), Yasuhiro Shuin (Japan) and Yutaka Gonda (Japan)



Monitoring and modelling for debris flow, landslide, slope failure and rock fall

Evaluation of Different Methods for Debris Flow Velocity Measurements at the Lattenbach Creek
Author(s): Johannes HÜBL, Andreas SCHIMMEL and Richard KOSCHUCH
Page: 2 - 8
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Recognition of the Susceptibility of Hydrogeomorphic Processes in Mountainous Watersheds through Morphometric Indicators and Field Reconnaissance
Author(s): Hsienter CHOU, Chingfang LEE, Chengyi LIN, Ciyin HUANG, Tingchi TSAO, Chihhsuan HUANG and Weikai HUANG
Page: 9 - 14
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Assessment of Landslide Recurrence by Onsite Monitoring - Incidence of Hung-yeh Landslide -
Author(s): Chia-Chun WU, Pei-Hsi WANG, Chih-Hui WANG, Ching-Yen CHANG and Te-Ling WU
Page: 15 - 23
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Landslide Monitoring and Potential Assessment from Differential Interferometric Radar Analysis and Ground Instrumentations
Author(s): Kuo-Lung WANG, Jun-Ting LIN, Yi-Hsuan LEE, Li-Wen CHEN, Jheng-Ru LAI, Tsung-Wen CHEN, Yo-Ming HSIEH, Meei-Ling LIN, Ray-Tang LIAO, Chao-Wei CHEN and Ching-Weei LIN
Page: 24 - 31
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Estimating Landslide Volumes Using LS-rapid Model - The 2000 Stoze Landslide in NW Slovenia
Author(s): Jošt SODNIK, Matej MAČEK and Matjaž MIKOŠ
Page: 32 - 41
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Rainfall Characteristics and the Related Geological Hazards of Slag Disposal Pit in Shanghang Region, China
Author(s): Hua-li PAN, Zhi-shan ZHENG, Ming-jian HU and Guo-qiang OU
Page: 42 - 52
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Effect of Bent Flexible Vegetation on Fluvial-bed Change Under Flood Conditions
Author(s): Jin-Fu LI and Su-Chin CHEN
Page: 53 - 60
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Considering the Quantitative Effect of Antecedent Rainfall on Slope Stability to Predicting Rainfall-induced Shallow Landslides at the Basin Scale
Author(s): Yu LUO and Si-ming HE
Page: 61 - 68
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A Study on Setting Half-life of Effective Rainfall as a Standard of Debris Flow Occurrence by Considering Geology
Author(s): Naomasa HONDA
Page: 69 - 77
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Property of Sediment Movement in Azusa River (Kamikochi)
Author(s): Akihiko IKEDA, Yuki IGARASHI, Osamu FUSHIKI, Hiroki UEMORI, Shoji IGARASHI, Masahide HASEGAWA and Hidenori SAKO
Page: 78 - 84
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Analysis and Reconstructed Modeling of the Debris Flow Events on the 29th of August and the 4th of September 2016 of Afritz (Carinthia, Austria)
Author(s): Claudia SAUERMOSER, Markus MOSER and Susanne MEHLHORN
Page: 85 - 90
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Critical Rainfall Analysis of Large-scale Landslide Occurrence
Author(s): Tsai-Tsung TSAI, Yuan-Jung TSAI and Chjeng-Lun SHIEH
Page: 91 - 96
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Estimation of Temporal Change of River Bed Elevation Upstream of a Check Dam During Debris Flow
Author(s): Naoki FUJIMURA, Yuya TAKAHASHI and Hideaki MIZUNO
Page: 97 - 103
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Critical Rainfall Thresholds for Hydrological Processes Leading to Debris Flow due to Torrent Bed Material Scouring
Author(s): Yasushi SANO, Takashi YAMADA, Tsuyoshi IKESHIMA and Sadakazu MATSUMOTO
Page: 104 - 109
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Study on Correlation of Electrical Conductivity and Potential Large-scale Landslide in Taiwan
Author(s): Chieh-Hsuan WENG, Yuan-Jung TSAI, Chjeng-Lun SHIEH and Tomohiro EGUSA
Page: 110 - 116
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Geologic and Topographic Features of Slope Failure Sites in the Aso Caldera Wall Inducted by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
Author(s): Haruka SAITOU, Shin?ya KATSURA, Ryota UMETANI, Mio KASAI and Tomomi MARUTANI
Page: 117 - 122
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Large scale sediment disasters: Phenomena and countermeasures

Characteristics of a Landslide Occurred in May 2015 in Mt. Hakusan and its Influence on Downstream System
Author(s): Seiji YANAI
Page: 124 - 131
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Small Flume Experiment on Deep-seated Landslide Collapsed Material Movement
Author(s): Hefryan S. KHARISMALATRI, Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA, Takashi GOMI and Katsushige SHIRAKI
Page: 132 - 138
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A Method for Predicting and Taking Measures Against Soil Slips Generating Debris Flows in a Case Study of the 2014 Hiroshima Sediment Disasters
Author(s): Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA, Hiroyuki UMEZAWA, Risa TANABE, Aya TAMEIKE and Quoc Dung DANG
Page: 139 - 144
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Safety Verification of Sabo Dams Against Large Scale Debris Flow
Author(s): Nobutaka ISHIKAWA, Joji SHIMA, Ryo MATSUZAWA and Takahisa MIZUYAMA
Page: 145 - 152
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Emergency Responses to Debris Flow Disaster at Serizawa District, Nikko City Triggered by the 2015 Torrential Rains in the Kanto and Tohoku Region
Author(s): Kenji MIWA and Kenji TAKETOSHI
Page: 153 - 162
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Grain Size Distribution of the 1926 Volcanic Mudflow at Mt. Tokachi, Japan
Author(s): Tomoyuki NANRI, Takashi YAMADA, Mio KASAI, Tomomi MARUTANI, Shigenori TAKASHIMA and Takayuki YAMAHIRO
Page: 163 - 169
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Extreme Torrential Flooding at Simbach on June 1st, 2016 - Key Finding of a Detailed Event Analysis -
Author(s): Andreas RIMBÖCK, Johannes HÜBL and Rainer HÖHNE
Page: 170 - 176
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Experimental Study of the Use of Stakes to Prevent Driftwood and Natural Debris from Blocking Bridges
Author(s): Norio HARADA, Kana NAKATANI, Yoshifumi SATOFUKA and Takahisa MIZUYAMA
Page: 177 - 182
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Study on Risk Analysis of Large-scale Landslide
Author(s): Teng-Chieh HSU, Yuan-Jung TSAI, Chjeng-Lun SHIEH and Jen-Yuen CHENG
Page: 183 - 190
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Structural countermeasures:New technology and strategy

Ten Years' Experience in Flexible Debris Flow Barriers
Author(s): Corinna WENDELER, Nobuhito NISHIMURA and Matthias DENK
Page: 192 - 198
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Assessing Torrential Endangered Areas in Bavaria - Consideration of Log Jams at Culverts and Bridges -
Author(s): Peter DRESSEL, Peter WAGNER and Andreas RIMBOECK
Page: 199 - 207
Download PDF:

Literature-based Expedient Criterion for Assessing the Impact Strength of Switzerland?s Rockfall Protection Embankment Inventry
Author(s): Stéphane LAMBERT, Bernd KISTER and Bernard LOUP208
Page: 208 - 214
Download PDF:

Experimental Study on Sediment Deposition Using Bandal Like Structure with Different Ratio of Permeable and Impermeable Part
Author(s): Yuji HASEGAWA, Shuichi TAI, SHAMPA, Kenji KAWAIKE and Hajime NAKAGAWA
Page: 215 - 221
Download PDF:

New Strategy for Landslide Mitigation Considering Cost Sustainability
Author(s): Giulia BOSSI and Gianluca MARCATO
Page: 222 - 227
Download PDF:

Load Evaluation of Debris Flow Against Steel Open Sabo Dam Using DEM
Author(s): Toshiyuki HORIGUCHI, Yoshiharu KOMATSU, Satoshi KATSUKI and Nobutaka ISHIKAWA
Page: 228 - 235
Download PDF:

Debris Capture Example by Flexible Barrier and Its Performance Verification
Author(s): Hiroyuki UMEZAWA, Risa TANABE and Peihong ZHU
Page: 236 - 242
Download PDF:

Effect of Emergency Measures to Minimize Debris Flow Disaster after the Pyroclastic Material Deposition in Gendol River due to the 2010 Eruption of Mt. Merapi, Indonesia
Author(s): Naryo Widodo, ST., MT, Suyanto, ST., M.Tech, Ir. Tri Bayu Adji, MA and Masaharu MIZOGUCHI
Page: 243 - 248
Download PDF:

A Novel Approach to Assess the Ability of a Protection Barrier to Mitigate Rockfall Hazard
Author(s): David TOE, Alessio MENTANI, Stéphane LAMBERT, Laura GOVONI, Guido GOTTARDI and Franck BOURRIER
Page: 249 - 257
Download PDF:

Sabo Works in Wakayama Prefecture - Evolution Through Learning a Lesson from 2011 Disasters -
Author(s): Keio CHITO, Yasuyoshi MIKI, Shigenori IMADA, Satoru MORIKAWA, Takehiro SAKAGUCHI and Tsuneshi NISHIOKA
Page: 258 - 263
Download PDF:

Small Fish-pond Design for Debris Flow Disaster Measure with Kanako-2D
Author(s): Masato KOBIYAMA, Rossano D.L. MICHEL, Maurício A. PAIXÃO and Gean P. MICHEL
Page: 264 - 269
Download PDF:

The Effects of Hydraulic Structures on Streams Prone to Bank Erosion in an Intense Flood Event: A Case Study from Eastern Hokkaido
Author(s): Daisuke AOKI, Mio KASAI and Mari IGURA
Page: 270 - 275
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Integrated basin-scale sediment management for sustainable development

Maintenance and Utilization of a Sabo Facility Designated as an Important Cultural Property - The Shiraiwa Sabo Dam -
Author(s): Takeshi OSAKA and Hisashi WATANABE
Page: 277 - 286
Download PDF:

Engineering Assessment of Aging Degradation for Small Sediment Control Structures
Author(s): Sangjun IM, Won CHOI and Song EU
Page: 287 - 293
Download PDF:

Effects of Landslide and Forest Fire on Rainfall Threshold to Induce Bedload Discharge in Watershed in Republic of Korea
Author(s): Junpyo SEO, Kihwan LEE, Changwoo LEE, Dongyeob KIM, Choongshik WOO, Heonho LEE, Taro UCHIDA and Wataru SAKURAI
Page: 294 - 300
Download PDF:

Maintenance of Historical Sabo Facilities by the Tateyama Mountain Area Sabo Office - An Evaluation of the Soundness and Utility of Sabo Facilities -
Author(s): Hisashi WATANABE
Page: 301 - 310
Download PDF:

The History of Sediment Disasters and Sabo Projects in the Yomase River Basin, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Author(s): Makoto KITAHARA, Masashi TASHITA, Masaru NISHIZAWA, Masaaki KINOSHITA, Takao YAMAZAKI, Kunihiro HASEGAWA, Junichi KANBARA, Kimio INOUE, Kouji OYA and Kazuhiko NAKANE
Page: 311 - 319
Download PDF:

Non-structural countermeasures:Early warning and hazard mapping

A Pilot Construction of a Real-Time Monitoring System for Slow-Moving Landslide, Republic of Korea
Author(s): Dongyeob KIM, Changwoo LEE, Choongshik WOO, Junpyo SEO, Minjeng KANG, Kidae KIM, Man-Il KIM and Jaehyeon PARK
Page: 321 - 326
Download PDF:

Advanced Hazard Information and Methods for Appropriate Evacuation During Sediment Disasters
Author(s): Kana NAKATANI, Kazuki YAMANOI, Yuji HASEGAWA, Seiya HAYASHI, Shusuke MIYATA and Masaharu FUJITA
Page: 327 - 335
Download PDF:

Towards an Auto-nowcasting System for Landslide Hazards
Author(s): Cheng-Chien LIU, Hsiao-Yuan YIN, Hsiao-Wei CHUNG, Wei LUO and Ke-Wei YAN
Page: 336 - 340
Download PDF:

The Educational Methods Immediately after the Sediment-related Disasters on a Basis of Local Historical Experience - The Case Study of Environmental Educational Programs in Kumamoto Earthquake 2016 -
Author(s): Reiko MACHIDA, Mito ICHIKAWA, Miu KITAZATO, Junya MACHIDA, Hijiri SHIMOJIMA, Teruaki IRIE, Tadakazu KANEKO and Naomasa HONDA
Page: 341 - 348
Download PDF:

Comparison of Debris Flow Hazard Mapping between Empirical Function and Numerical Simulation - a Case Study in Taiwan -
Author(s): Ting-Chi TSAO, Chuan-Yi HUANG, Jung-Hsing CHIEN, Hsiao-Yuan YIN and Chen-Yu CHEN
Page: 349 - 354
Download PDF:

Debris Flow Detection Using LVP Sensors in Japan
Author(s): Hitoshi KATO, Nobuyuki NODA, Kazuhiko HASHI, Satoshi TAGATA, Takahiro ITOH and Takahisa MIZUYAMA
Page: 355 - 362
Download PDF:

Monitoring System of a Large Rockslide in Heisei-Shinzan Lava Dome, Mt. Unzen, Japan
Author(s): Yasuyuki HIRAKAWA, Nobuhiro USUKI, Kouji FUJITA, Toshiaki TANAKA, Masafumi KANEKO, Toshiyasu UENO, Hidenori EGUCHI and Kazuhiro SHIMOKUBO
Page: 363 - 372
Download PDF:

Subsurface Investigation and Landslide Monitoring as a Basis for Planning Protection Measures - Case Study Doren Landslide -
Author(s): Thomas FRANDL and Margarete WÖHRER-ALGE
Page: 373 - 379
Download PDF:

Relationship Between the Process of Large-scale Sediment Movement and Ground Vibration
Author(s): Hiroshi ASAHARA, Atsuhiko KINOSHITA, Yasutaka TANAKA, Hiroaki SUGAWARA, Gengo YOSHIMURA, Wataru SAKURAI, Teruyoshi TAKAHARA and Soichi KAIHARA
Page: 380 - 386
Download PDF:

A Study on Criteria of Warning and Evacuation for Large-scale Sediment Disasters Considering the Relationships with Sediment Movement and Damage
Author(s): Yuna SUZUKI, Shin-ichiro HAYASHI, Shin?ya KATSURA, Mio KASAI, Nobutomo OSANAI and Tomomi MARUTANI
Page: 387 - 393
Download PDF:

New Prediction of Sediment-related Disaster Critical Rainfall Using Meteorological Model WRF
Author(s): Toshihide SUGIMOTO, Toshiyuki SAKAI and Hiroshi MAKINO
Page: 394 - 400
Download PDF:

A Method for Estimating Maximum Damage Caused by Sediment Disaster by Surveying with Artificial Satellite SAR Imagery
Author(s): Shin-ichiro HAYASHI, Shin?ya KATSURA, Mio KASAI, Nobutomo OSANAI, Takashi YAMADA, Tomomi MARUTANI, Tomoyuki NORO and Joko KAMIYAMA
Page: 401 - 407
Download PDF:

Sediment Disaster Notification System Established for the Reservoirs in Southern Taiwan
Author(s): Tsai-Tsung TSAI, Kuang-Jung TSAI, Chjeng-Lun SHIEH and Yie-Ruey CHEN
Page: 408 - 415
Download PDF:

Detection of Landslide Candidate Interference Fringes in DInSAR Imagery using Deep Learning
Author(s): Jyoko KAMIYAMA, Tomoyuki NORO, Masayuki SAKAGAMI, Yamato SUZUKI, Kazuo YOSHIKAWA, Shuhei HIKOSAKA and Ikushi HIRATA
Page: 416 - 425
Download PDF:

Management for sustainable land use

A Quantitative Approach for Classifying Governance Unit of Watershed Management and Flood Mitigation Based on a Long-term Landslide Inventory
Author(s): Cheng-Chien LIU, Ming-Hsun KO, Huei-Lin Wen, Kuei-Lin FU and Shu-Ting CHANG
Page: 427 - 433
Download PDF:

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