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Christophe Lienert A new data management infrastructure for improved analysis and real-time publication of flood events in the Canton of Aargau 2016 1
952 - 959
Lorenz Meier, Mylène Jacquemart, Bernhard Blattmann, Sam Wyssen, Bernhard Arnold and Martin Funk Radar-based Warning and Alarm Systems for Alpine Mass Movements 2016 1
960 - 968
Johannes Moser, Christian Kopeinig and Kurt Rohner Practical experience with the Flood scenario catalogue Carinthia, a handbook for flood forecast and warning. 2016 1
969 - 977
Walter Steinkogler, Lorenz Meier, Stian Langeland and Sam Wyssen Avalanche detection systems: A state-of-the art overview on selected operational radar and infrasound systems 2016 1
978 - 987
Hans-Heini Utelli, Christian Pfammatter and Franz Kuster Integrated risk management of natural hazards by the railway Company BLS Netz AG 2016 1
988 - 996
David Volken, Coralie Amiguet, Therese Buergi, Daniel Murer and Christoph Schmutz Storm and Flood Warnings issued by Switzerland's Specialist Federal Agencies 2016 1
997 - 1004
Hiromasa Hiura, Akira Suemine, Gonghui Wang and Akio Tanaka Tracing groundwater vein in a schist landslide area 2016 EA
100 - 101
Daniel Hölbling, Clemens Eisank, Barbara Friedl, Elisabeth Weinke, Hannes Kleindienst, Arben Kociu, Filippo Vecchiotti and Florian Albrecht EO-based landslide mapping: from methodological developments to automated web-based information delivery 2016 EA
102 - 103
Hiroaki Izumiyama, Takeshi Shimizu, Tasuku Mizutani, Naoki Fujimura, Tadanori Ishizuka and Daizo Tsutsumi Influence of water content on velocity of snowmelt due to pyroclastic material 2016 EA
104 - 105
Stefan Janu and Susanne Mehlhorn Event analysis and modeling in support of risk evaluation and project preparation using the example of Hallstätter Mühlbach 2016 EA
106 - 107
Stefan Janu, Markus Moser and Susanne Mehlhorn Analysis and reconstructed modeling of the debris flow events 2012, 2013 in Austria with RAMMS and FLO-2D 2016 EA
108 - 109
Gerald Jäger, Thomas Frandl and Susanne Mehlhorn hydrological and hydraulic modelling as an aid for the preparation of a flood protection concept, using the example of the Hoferbach and the Nannerbach 2016 EA
110 - 111
Roland Kaitna, Markus Stoffel, Christophe Corona, Heimo Truhetz, Andreas Gobiet and Markus Hrachowitz Meteorological and hydrological triggers of torrential disasters in Austria in times of climate change 2016 EA
112 - 113
Hefryan Sukma Kharismalatri, Yoshiharu Ishikawa, Takashi Gomi, Katsushige Shiraki and Taeko Wakahara Analysis of landslide dams formation based on topographical characteristics in Kii Peninsula, Japan 2016 EA
114 - 115
Atsuhiko Kinoshita, Tsuneshi Nishioka, Kohei Noike, Teruyoshi Takahara, Wataru Sakurai, Yuichi Murata, Yoshikazu Shimizu, Tadanori Ishizuka, Yoshinori Araki, Masayuki Hata and Toru Shimada Relationships among precipitation distribution, hydrological properties, and collapse density in areas where large-scale shallow landslides occurred 2016 EA
116 - 117
Ulrike Kleinbrod, Jan Burjànek and Donat Fäh From ambient vibration assessment of potential rock slope instabilities to earthquake triggered rockslides 2016 EA
118 - 119
Maja Kocjancic, Tomislav Popit and Timotej Verbovšek Transport mechanisms of gravitational carbonate blocks in the broader area of Lokavec in Vipava Valley, Slovenia 2016 EA
120 - 121
Takashi Koi, Takuya Kobayashi, Takuro Suzuki, Yasuhiro Fujisawa, Toshihiro Kikuia and Taro Uchida Sediment discharge from mountain catchment in volcanic area, Japan 2016 EA
122 - 123
Lene Kristensen, Lars Harald Blikra and Carlo Rivolta From mapping to monitoring: using ground based InSAR on slope instabilities 2016 EA
124 - 125
Daniel Lussi and Robert Lukes Environmental data acquisition and measuring system based on industry standards 2016 EA
126 - 127
Simon Lumassegger, Stefan Achleitner, Robert Klar and Bernhard Kohl Flash flood formation in pre-alpine landscape – impact of the spatial distribution of storm events 2016 EA
128 - 129
Volkmar Mair, Marco Mulas, Giulia Chinellato, Alessandro Corsini, Christian Iasio, David Mosna, Claudia Strada and Benni Thiebes Developing X-band corner reflectors for multi-techno-logical monitoring of ground displacement in alpine environments 2016 EA
130 - 131
Satoru Matsuda, Shin’ichi Kusano, Takahiko Nagayama, Tsuyoshi Ikeshima, Ken GOTO, Yotaro Nishi, Takahiro Itoh, Jun’ichi Kanbara and Taro Uchida Monitoring for sediment control by a shutter sabo dam in Yokawa River in Kiso River basin 2016 EA
132 - 133
Susanne Mehlhorn, Daniel Kurz and Markus Moser Discharge and bedload simulation using the example of the torrent Alperschonbach 2016 EA
134 - 135
Christoph Mitterer, Walter Steinkogler and Fabiano Monti Real-time evaluation of snowpack information using snow cover simulations 2016 EA
136 - 137
Masaki Mizuno, Jyoko Kamiyama, Masafumi Ekawa, Hideaki Marui, Kazuo Yoshikawa, Daisuke Sango, Shunichi Kusano, Daisuke Nishikawa and Ikushi Hirata Search for landslides of initial slight movement before a disaster using satellite DInSAR 2016 EA
138 - 139
Takahiko Nagayama, Takayuki Nagai, Ken Goto, Kuniaki Miyamoto, Masaharu Fujita, Takahiro Itoh and Takahisa Mizuyama Longitudinal bed load and wash load monitoring in Jo-Gan-Ji river 2016 EA
140 - 141
Carla Pendino, Elisa Sbrissa, Ruggero Valentinotti and Stefano Fait Precipitation data analysis for hazard mapping in the Autonomous Province of Trento 2016 EA
142 - 143
Simon Pertschy, Benjamin Zweifel, Jürg Schweizer, Thomas Stucki and Matthias Gerber ProTools and ProNXD: Record and manage avalanche activity 2016 EA
144 - 145
Tina Peternel, Tilen Urban?i?, Dejan Grigillo, Matjaž Mikoš and Marko Komac Monitoring of the main scarp of the Potoška planina landslide (Karavanke Mountain, NW Slovenia) using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) 2016 EA
146 - 147
Marcia Phillips, Andrew Kos, Florian Amann, Yves Bonanomi, Andreas Huwiler, Marcello Negrini, Rachel Lüthi, Robert Kenner, Andrea Wolter and Yves Bühler Deep-seated rock slope failures in mountain permafrost: Pizzo Cengalo and Piz Kesch (Canton Grisons, Switzerland) 2016 EA
148 - 149
Matthias Redtenbacher, Josef Schneider, Gabriele Harb, Oliver Sass, Johannes Stangl, Martin Oberlechner, Georg Heinrich, Andreas Gobiet and Tani Satyanarayana Field measurements in an alpine catchment to evaluate impact of the ongoing climate change on the future sediment yield 2016 EA
150 - 151
Andreas Schimmel and Johannes Hübl Identification of debris flow and debris flood with infrasound and seismic signals 2016 EA
152 - 153
Klaus Schraml, Gerald Lindner and Johannes Hübl UAV based monitoring of a large-scale landslide 2016 EA
154 - 155
Lucia Simeoni, Giovanni Bosco and Mattia Dalpiaz Possible slope failure mechanisms caused by apple growing in Val di Non (Northern Italy) 2016 EA
156 - 157
Ingrid Skrede, Lars Harald Blikra and Lene Kristensen Monitoring a rockslide in development 2016 EA
158 - 159
Christoph Skolaut, Stephan Schober and Julia Braun Identification of potential hydrogeomorphic key processes 2016 EA
160 - 161
Michael Sturm, Bernhard Gems, Markus Moser and Markus Aufleger Experimental investigations on bed load transport and deposition processes in a rigid torrent channel 2016 EA
162 - 163
Satoshi Tagata, Hitoshi Katou, Rei Utsunomiya, Takahiro Itoh and Takahisa Mizuyama Debris flow monitoring using load cells system in Sakurajima Island 2016 EA
164 - 165
Teruyoshi Takahara, Takeshi Shimizu, Atsuhiko Kinoshita, Tadanori Ishizuka1, Yoshikazu Uchishiba, Takami Otsubo, Kohei Tagawa and Yuya Takahashi Study of debris-flow flooding area in a low-gradient zone 2016 EA
166 - 167
Jochen Veitinger, Betty Sovilla and Yves Bühler Assessing the effect of the winter terrain surface on simulations of avalanche scenarios 2016 EA
168 - 169
David Florian Vetsch and Martin Seiler Reconstruction of the 2000 flood event in Baltschieder 2016 EA
170 - 171
Taeko Wakahara, Yoshiharu Ishikawa, Katushige Shiraki and Yoshimi Uchiyama Effect of soil erosion at forest hillslope on suspended load in downstream channels - based on 5 years monitoring in vegetation recovering catchment 2016 EA
172 - 173
Chunxiang Wang, Haruka Yamasaki, Naoki Watanabe, Hideaki Marui and Gen Furuya Numerical analysis of the 2012 Kokugawa landslide caused by snowmelt, Niigata Prefecture, Japan 2016 EA
174 - 175
Haruki Watabe, Takahiro Itoh, Kazuhiko Kaitsuka, Hitoshi Ikenaga and Minoru Sugiyama Experimental studies on log broom focusing on specific weight differences of log species 2016 EA
176 - 177
Kai-Chun Yang, Sheng-Chuan Chen, I-Feng Chiu, Chao-Wei Chen, Chao-Chin Pai and Fang-Tzu Kuo Investigation on slope disaster and failure mechanism of Yi-Shing area in Taiwan 2016 EA
178 - 179
Azin Amini and Philippe Heller Assessment of wave risk for Swiss lakes: Numerical simulation of waves of different return periods 2016 EA
182 - 183
Peter Bebi, Thomas Feistl, Michaela Teich, Stefan Margreth and Perry Bartelt Accounting for forest effects in avalanche models and risk analysis 2016 EA
184 - 185
Viktor Blagovechshenskiy Danger of glacial and dammed lakes outburst in the mountain areas of Kazakhstan 2016 EA
186 - 187
Giulia Bossi, Stefano Crema, Marco Cavalli, Gianluca Marcato and Alessandro Pasuto Connectivity patterns as an informative layer to investigate geomorphological processes: the Ganderberg landslide case study (Eastern Italian Alps) 2016 EA
188 - 189

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