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Lilith Wernli-Schärer, Roland Bialek, Martin Buser, Christoph Flury, Bruno Gerber, Florian Haslinger, Christoph Hegg, Birgit Ottmer, Olivier Overney, Hans Romang, Christoph Schmutz and Jürg Schweizer Strategies for the reduction of natural hazards damages by optimized warning, alarming and intervention in Switzerland 2016 1
1005 - 1013
Catrin Promper and Maria Patek Gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction – a step towards the visibility of women in DRR 2016 1
104 - 111
Klaus Pukall and Sylvia Kruse The central challenge of climate change adaptation for Alpine natural hazard management: Incorporation of future change of the damage potential 2016 1
112 - 120
Renate Renner and Gerhard Lieb Local Conditions and the Quality of Expert Networks: A Case Study of Avalanche Risk Prevention Practices 2016 1
121 - 130
Jošt Sodnik, Blaž Kogovšek and Matjaž Mikoš Water management as a part of civil engineering sector in Slovenia 2016 1
141 - 149
Roland Stalder, Karl Grunder and Guido Küng Method for a risk based and transparent allocation formula of the remaining costs applied to the protection measures project "Laui Sörenberg", municipality of Flühli, Switzerland. 2016 1
150 - 158
Hannes Suter, Luzius Thomi, Raoul Kern, Matthias Künzler, Conny Gusterer, Andreas Zischg, Rolf Weingartner, Olivia Martius and Margreth Keiler What makes a successful flood control project? - An evaluation of project procedure and risk based on the perspectives of Swiss communes. 2016 1
159 - 167
Michael Szoenyi and Linda Freiner The Zurich flood resilience alliance. A new approach for partnership to effective disaster risk reduction 2016 1
168 - 175
Ronja Wolter-Krautblatter, Andreas Rimböck, Tobias Hafner, Christian Wanger and Christoph Oberacker Chances and Challenges in the Field of Residual Flood-Risk and Risk Communication: Ideas from Bavaria 2016 1
176 - 185
Gian Reto Bezzola and Roberto Loat Integrated Risk Management – Identify, Evaluate and Manage Natural Risks 2016 1
18 - 26
Hsiao-Yuan Yin, Chen-Yang Lee, Chyan-Deng Jan and Meei-Ling Lin Practical Management of Debris-flow-prone Torrents in Taiwan 2016 1
186 - 193
Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas, Milan Lehotsky, Karel Silhan, Sladek Jan, Anna Kidova, Radek Tichavsky, Pavel Stastny and Markus Stoffel Deciphering dynamics and magnitude of a recent debris-flow disaster in Vratna Dolina 2016 1
196 - 202
Perry Bartelt, Werner Gerber, Marc Christen and Yves Bühler Modeling rockfall trajectories with non-smooth contact/impact mechanics 2016 1
203 - 211
Catherine Berger, Marc Christen, Jürg Speerli, Guido Lauber, Melanie Ulrich and Brian W. McArdell A comparison of physical and computer-based debris flow modelling of a deflection structure at Illgraben, Switzerland 2016 1
212 - 220
Daniel Benjamin Bernet, Rolf Weingartner and Volker Prasuhn Exploiting damage claim records of public insurance companies for buildings to Increase knowledge about the occurrence of overland flow in Switzerland 2016 1
221 - 230
Michael Brauner, Arnold Kogelnig, Ulrich Koenig, Günther Neunteufel and Hanna Schilcher Distributed acoustic monitoring to secure transport infrastructure against natural hazards - requirements and new developments 2016 1
231 - 238
Rafael Caduff, Andreas Wiesmann, Yves Bühler, Claudia Bieler and Philippe Limpach Terrestrial radar interferometry for snow glide activity monitoring and its potential as precursor of wet snow avalanches. 2016 1
239 - 248
Donat Fäh, Jan Burjanek, Carlo Cauzzi, Remo Grolimund, Stefan Fritsche and Ulrike Kleinbrod Earthquake-triggered landslides in Switzerland: from historical observations to the actual hazard 2016 1
249 - 256
Florian von Fischer, Margreth Keiler and Markus Zimmermann Modelling of individual debris flows using Flow-R: A case study in four Swiss torrents 2016 1
257 - 258
Helge Fuchs and Robert M. Boes Slide-induced impulse waves in mountainous regions 2016 1
265 - 273
Michael Bründl, Reto Baumann, André Burkard, Fabian Dolf, André Gauderon, Eva Gertsch, Peter Gutwein, Bernhard Krummenacher, Bernard Loup, Adrian Schertenleib, Nicole Oggier and Linda Zaugg-Ettlin Evaluating the Effectiveness and the Efficiency of Mitigation Measures against Natural Hazards 2016 1
27 - 33
Guido Gottardi, Giuseppe Ricceri, Alberto Selleri, Paolo Simonini, Daniela Salucci and Paola Torsello Monitoring and management of a huge landslide in a built-up area induced by the excavation of deep highway tunnels 2016 1
274 - 283
Matthias Granig, Peter Sampl, Andreas Kofler, Jan-Thomas Fischer and Philipp Jörg Adaption and further development of the numerical solution in the avalanche simulation model SamosAT 2016 1
284 - 289
Issa Hasan, Thomas Hies, Ebi Jose, Rudolf Duester, Marcus Sattler and Matthias Satzger An Effective Camera Based Water level recording Technology for Flood Monitoring 2016 1
290 - 295
Florian Hinkelammert, Volker Weitbrecht and Robert M. Boes Flood protection at Zurich main station: physical model experiments 2016 1
296 - 305
Yi-Min Huang, Chung-Ray Chu, Yao-Min Fang, Ming-Chang Tsai, Bing-Jean Lee, Tien-Yin Chou, Chen-Yang Lee, Chen-Yu Chen and Hsiao-Yuan Yin Characteristics of debris flow vibration signals in Shenmu, Taiwan 2016 1
306 - 307
Johannes Kammerlander, Bernhard Gems, Michael Sturm and Markus Aufleger Analysis of flood related processes at confluences of steep tributary channels and their receiving streams – 2d numerical modelling application 2016 1
319 - 326
Andrea Kreisler, Markus Moser, Johann Aigner, Rolf Rindler, Michael Tritthart and Helmut Habersack Analysis and classification of bedload transport events with variable process characteristics 2016 1
327 - 335
Volkmar Mair, David Mosna, Robert Kenner, Giulia Chinellato, Marcia Phillips, Claudia Strada and Benni Thiebes Integration of remote and terrestrial monitoring data for analysing alpine geomorphic processes – examples from Switzerland and Italy 2016 1
336 - 344
Simon Carladous, Guillaume Piton, Jean-Marc Tacnet, Félix Philippe, Régis Nepote-Vesino, Yann Quefféléan and Olivier Marco From the restoration of French mountainous areas to their global management: historical overview of the Water and Forestry Administration actions in public forests 2016 1
34 - 42
Peter Mani and Stéphane Losey Nationwide assessment of the climate sensitivity of natural hazard processes in Switzerland A fuzzy logic approach 2016 1
345 - 355
Pauline Morel, Daniel Trappmann, Christophe Corona and Markus Stoffel Defining sample size and strategy for dendrogeomorphic rockfall reconstructions 2016 1
356 - 369
Markus Moser, Stefan Janu and Susanne Mehlhorn Critical Rainfall Conditions Triggering Shallow Landslides or Debris Flows in Torrents – Analysis of Debris Flow events 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Austria 2016 1
370 - 377
Kana Nakatani, Megumi Kosugi, Yuji Hasegawa, Yoshifumi Satofuka and Takahisa Mizuyama Experimental Study on Effect of Houses on Debris-Flow Flooding and Deposition in Debris Flow Fan Areas 2016 1
378 - 386
Dieter Rickenmann, Martin Böckli, Florian U.M. Heimann, Alexandre Badoux and Jens M. Turowski Bedload transport simulation with the model sedFlow: application to mountain rivers in Switzerland 2016 1
387 - 395
Christian Ambrosi, Samuel Arrigo, Claudio Castelletti and Cristian Scapozza Determining future evolution of landslides from the past: the historical evolution of shallow landslides in the upper Cassarate catchment (Southern Swiss Alps) 2016 1
396 - 405
Josef Schneider, Rudolf Schmidt, Matthias Redtenbacher and Franz Brenner A specially developed side weir in the framework of an integral flood protection concept including a hydrological monitoring system 2016 1
406 - 415
Lukas Stoffel, Stefan Margreth, Mark Schaer, Marc Christen, Yves Bühler and Perry Bartelt Powder Snow Avalanche Engineering: New Methods to Calculate Air-Blast Pressures for Hazard Mapping 2016 1
416 - 425
Gianluca Vignoli, Silvia Simoni, Francesco Comiti, Andrea Dell'Agnese, Walter Bertoldi, Roberto Dinale, Rudi Nadalet, Pierpaolo Macconi, Julius Staffler and Rudolf Pollinger Monitoring sediment fluxes in alpine rivers: the AQUASED project 2016 1
426 - 433
Doris Damyanovic, Karin Weber, Britta Fuchs and Christiane Brandenburg A Gender-sensitive Analysis of Natural Disasters - The Case of St. Lorenzen in Austria 2016 1
43 - 51
Lukas E Preiswerk, Fabian Walter, Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Giulia Barfucci, Jan Beutel, Peter G Burkett, Pierre Dalban Canassy, Martin Funk, Philippe Limpach, Emanuele Marchetti, Lorenz Meier and Fabian Neyer Monitoring unstable parts in the ice-covered Weissmies northwest face 2016 1
434 - 443
Andreas Paul Zischg, Guido Felder, Rolf Weingartner, Juan José Gómez-Navarro, Veronika Röthlisberger, Daniel Bernet, Ole Rössler, Christoph Raible, Margreth Keiler and Olivia Martius M-AARE - Coupling atmospheric, hydrological, hydrodynamic and damage models in the Aare river basin, Switzerland 2016 1
444 - 451
Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas, Markus Stoffel, Klaus Schraml, Christophe Corona, Andreas Gobiet, Satyanarayana Tani, Sven Fuchs, Franz Sinabell and Roland Kaitina Understanding the impact of climate change on debris-flow risk in a managed torrent: expected future damage versus maintenance costs 2016 1
454 - 460
Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas, Vitalii Zaginaev, Markus Stoffel and Sergei Erokhin Unraveling the spatio-temporal debris-flow activity on a forested cone in the Kyrgyz Range: implications for hazard assessment 2016 1
461 - 467
Manuela Irene Brunner, Olivier Vannier, Anne-Catherine Favre, Daniel Viviroli, Paul Meylan, Anna Sikorska and Jan Seibert, Flood volume estimation in Switzerland using synthetic design hydrographs – a multivariate statistical approach 2016 1
468 - 476
Francesco Comiti, Margherita Righini, Laura Nardi, Ana Lucìa, William Amponsah, Marco Cavalli, Nicola Surian, Lorenzo Marchi, Massimo Rinaldi and Marco Borga Channel widening during extreme floods: how to integrate it within river corridor planning ? 2016 1
477 - 486
Luuk Dorren and Philippe Arnold Key results of the Swiss wide natural hazard risk assessment on national roads 2016 1
487 - 493
Davood Farshi, Michael Ballmer, Donat Job and Brigitte Faust Investigation of the flood hazard of the Nuclear Power Plant KKG by earthquake induced dam breaks waves at the River Aare 2016 1
494 - 502
Sven Fuchs, Andreas Zischg and Margreth Keiler Spatial and temporal exposure of elements at risk in Austria 2016 1
503 - 512
Karin Gokesch, Thomas Glade and Joachim Schweigl Event-based rapid landslide mapping including estimation of potential human impacts on landslide occurrence: a case study in Lower Austria 2016 1
513 - 524

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