Sediment Disaster Notification System Established for the Reservoirs in Southern Taiwan

Tsai-Tsung TSAI, Kuang-Jung TSAI, Chjeng-Lun SHIEH and Yie-Ruey CHEN

Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan in 8th August 2009. It brought astonishing rainfall and caused extreme sediment disasters. This event awakens the public awareness of sediment disasters. Over the past few years, this study has devoted much resources constructing the Sediment Disaster Database of the reservoirs in southern Taiwan. The SDDB is currently available to assist the reservoirs managers quickly invoke the archiving environment data. To further assist the reservoir management issues, this study is now focusing on the establishment of Sediment Disaster Notification System to assist reservoir managers improving the grasp of the situation of sediment disasters in reservoir catchment.

2018/1 408-415