A Method for Estimating Maximum Damage Caused by Sediment Disaster by Surveying with Artificial Satellite SAR Imagery

Shin-ichiro HAYASHI, Shin?ya KATSURA, Mio KASAI, Nobutomo OSANAI, Takashi YAMADA, Tomomi MARUTANI, Tomoyuki NORO and Joko KAMIYAMA

Estimating the maximum damage caused by sediment disasters is necessary for reducing the time required for determining critical risk management resources. In this study, we proposed a method for estimating maximum damage using the Sediment Disaster Scale (SDS); our method calculates the Sediment Movement Magnitude (SMM) , an index pertaining to sediment movement that is based on survey implementing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, that can be obtained even during bad weather and at night, and is extensively used within disaster surveys. We then evaluated and confirmed the applicability of our proposed method by comparing the maximum damage estimated from SAR imagery to the actual damage incurred. Our method reduces the time necessary for surveying compared with conventional disaster survey techniques.

2018/1 401-407