The Educational Methods Immediately after the Sediment-related Disasters on a Basis of Local Historical Experience - The Case Study of Environmental Educational Programs in Kumamoto Earthquake 2016 -

Reiko MACHIDA, Mito ICHIKAWA, Miu KITAZATO, Junya MACHIDA, Hijiri SHIMOJIMA, Teruaki IRIE, Tadakazu KANEKO and Naomasa HONDA

This study suggested a mentally considerate approach for educational methods of disaster prevention immediately after the earthquake disasters, incorporating the learnings of local historical experience. The education programs, based on the disaster situation, were planned in cooperation with the locals and the elementary and junior high school teachers. The education programs were carried out in two Minami-Aso Elementary School, and a Minami-Aso Junior High School by scientist, locals and NPO, teachers. After the education programs, it carried out the free description to 36 the elementary students (9-12 years old), 7 junior high school students (15years old). This educational program was accepted by both local children and teachers even half a year after the earthquake, and demonstrated successful educational effects in Knowledge and understanding of social event and local identity.

2018/1 341-348