Maintenance of Historical Sabo Facilities by the Tateyama Mountain Area Sabo Office - An Evaluation of the Soundness and Utility of Sabo Facilities -


In the middle reach of the Joganji River, the Hongu Sabo Dam, which is as important as the Shiraiwa Sabo dam installed in Tateyama Caldera, is installed. More than 80 years, Hongu Sabo Dam has been proteced the Joganji River basin from a sediment-related disaster. And it was designated as an important cultural property in 2017. In this paper, I introduce the inspection and soundness evaluation of Hongu Sabo Dam carried out based on the  Planning Manual for Maintaining and Prolonging the Lifespan of Sabo Facilities issued by Ministry of Japan in 2014. And also I introduce the utilization of the Hongu Sabo Dam in recent years.

2018/1 301-310