Engineering Assessment of Aging Degradation for Small Sediment Control Structures

Sangjun IM, Won CHOI and Song EU

Landslides and associated debris flow are major natural disasters in Korea. Sediment-related disaster prevention structures, such as erosion control dam (ECD) and check dam, have been practically implemented on forested watersheds to control landslide hazards. After construction, engineering strength of ECDs could be lost partly or completely due to aging degradation. Thus, long-term scale, weaker force than design strength can induce loss of designed function or failure of structure exceptionally. In this study, a numerical approach was applied for performance evaluation to aging concrete ECDs. With finite element technique considering static and dynamic loads, simplified ECD and debris flow as dynamic load were simulated. Age degradation curve of concrete strength was derived from previous studies. Because this research is in progress, numerical analysis will be conducted with results of this paper, and the effect of earthquake will be also considered in future works. This study provides with engineering techniques for an accurate structural performance assessment of landslide disaster mitigation/prevention structures.

2018/1 287-293