Debris Capture Example by Flexible Barrier and Its Performance Verification

Hiroyuki UMEZAWA, Risa TANABE and Peihong ZHU

In recent years, sediment-related disasters occur frequently in various places. Although voluntary evacuation is being emphasized, countermeasures by structures are still important. We have developed a new type of protective barrier, which is compact and flexible, as one of the slope failure control sediment capture works. This flexible protective barrier has been installed in various locations since its first installation in 2011 and has captured debris at some of the installation sites. In this report, we will introduce examples of these debris capture cases and pick one of the examples as a sample into detailed analysis. In the detailed analysis, the validity of the existing design method was verified with reference to the slope condition after debris capture situation. The items to be verified were (1) amount of sediment captured and (2) acting force on the components. As a result, we confirmed that the existing designing method was a reasonable and safe design method.

2018/1 236-242