Extreme Torrential Flooding at Simbach on June 1st, 2016 - Key Finding of a Detailed Event Analysis -

Andreas RIMBÖCK, Johannes HÜBL and Rainer HÖHNE

In 2016 an extreme flood event occurred in Simbach, Germany, which caused enormous damages and also 5 fatalities. Some characteristics of the event were unexpected such as a very quick rise of the water level to an extreme height. Additionally a street dam upstream of the city and a dyke in the settlement area got overflown and both broke. To better understand the event and its processes a detailed event documentation and analysis were initiated. In addition to the collection of lots of photos and videos the event was reproduced in a hydrologic model. Further a hydraulic model was built up to simulate the flow patterns. Finally the peak discharge could be reconstructed by all these calculations and analyses of the photos. It was far more than the design flood, a 100years flood. Additionally the main questions about the processes could be answered by this analysis. Thereby we learned a lot about such extreme events and could draw first conclusions. So this highlights the necessity of a sound event documentation and analysis. But also many of the questions need further analyses of more events. Nevertheless also further discussion and societal consensus about the strategies how to handle remaining risks is necessary.

2018/1 170-176