Rainfall Characteristics and the Related Geological Hazards of Slag Disposal Pit in Shanghang Region, China

Hua-li PAN, Zhi-shan ZHENG, Ming-jian HU and Guo-qiang OU

There were lots of geological hazards in kinds of slag disposal pit these years. The rainfall, in particular the heavy rain, was direct dynamic factor for geological hazards, but the occurrence probability of geological hazards was different because of the sensitivity of the geological environment though of the same rainfall intensity. This study took a Gold-Copper deposit in Shanghang region, China, as an example, mainly analyzed the relationships between geological hazards and critical rainfall. According to the nearly 80 heavy rainfall data and related hazard events from 2002 to 2010, the rainfall characteristics in the region were studied, and the regional rainfall threshold for debris flow was obtained.

2018/1 42-52