Monitoring sediment fluxes in alpine rivers: the AQUASED project

Gianluca Vignoli, Silvia Simoni, Francesco Comiti, Andrea Dell'Agnese, Walter Bertoldi, Roberto Dinale, Rudi Nadalet, Pierpaolo Macconi, Julius Staffler and Rudolf Pollinger

Monitoring activities in Alpine rivers is normally focused on water discharge measurements; sediment transport measurements have recently gained interest for several reasons, such as flood protection, research purposes, sediment budget and continuity. A new monitoring station has been designed and deployed in the Sulden/Solda river (South Tyrol, Italy) to address these needs. The watershed is characterized by large glacier areas and steep slopes feeding the river with sediments. The station is equipped with a 4m-rack of geophone plates and an acoustic pipe-hydrophone. Bedload is measured along with suspended load, water stage, water conductivity and temperature. This work presents the installation and the results collected during a high flood event and compares them to values derived from bedload equations obtained by other authors.

2016/1 426-433