Deciphering dynamics and magnitude of a recent debris-flow disaster in Vratna Dolina

Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas, Milan Lehotsky, Karel Silhan, Sladek Jan, Anna Kidova, Radek Tichavsky, Pavel Stastny and Markus Stoffel

The capacity to describe extreme debris-flow events responsible of large disasters is clearly limited by the usual lack of records and direct observations. Post-event field recognition is a powerful tool to overcome these limitations and to deliver baseline data for a better process understanding. In this communication, we combine post-event field recognition and dendrogeomorphic approaches to describe an extreme debris-flow event which took place in Vratna valley (Slovakia) in 2014 and to quantify its magnitude. Additionally, we analyse the meteorological triggers of the flow. Results provide insights for an improved characterization of extreme events in this region, and are thought to be useful to calibrate physically-based models in order to implement risk reduction strategies.

2016/1 196-202