The Zurich flood resilience alliance. A new approach for partnership to effective disaster risk reduction

Michael Szoenyi and Linda Freiner

An introduction to the Zurich flood resilience alliance. This paper provides an overview of the global challenges caused by flooding and how we are tackling them through the work of the Zurich flood resilience alliance. Risks of floods are increasing because of population growth, more people living near water and growing prosperity. There are several ways to enhance flood resilience. We believe preventive action results in benefits far in excess of those recovery can provide. Flood risks are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. A holistic approach is needed to address them. We have created a pioneering collaboration through which we can tackle the challenges communities face. We work as an alliance bringing together organizations with complementary skills, launched by Zurich Insurance Group in 2013. The alliance includes two humanitarian organizations - the Red Cross and Practical Action - and two leading research institutions - Wharton and IIASA. The program is based on a new approach to cross-sector collaboration. It brings together flood risk research, community-based programs and risk expertise.

2016/1 168-175