Water management as a part of civil engineering sector in Slovenia

Jošt Sodnik, Blaž Kogovšek and Matjaž Mikoš

The construction industry including water management sector represents an important part of the Slovenian economy and during the recession that started in 2009, this industry has shrunk for ~10-20% annually, and in 2012 it dropped below 50% of the 2008 level. Compared to Austria, Slovenia invests up to more than three times less into the water management sector, including regular maintenance. Flood hazard in Slovenia is increasing rather than decreasing, and organisation of the water management sector was claimed to a large extent to be one of the major reasons for the present deteriorating situation. In 2016, a newly established Directorate for Waters of the Republic of Slovenia should bring fresh air into the scene. Considering rather poor condition of water infrastructure in Slovenia and very high flood hazard, water management must become one of the top priorities in years to come.

2016/1 141-149