Gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction a step towards the visibility of women in DRR

Catrin Promper and Maria Patek

Women and men perceive risks differently and therefore gender is an important part of disaster risk reduction requiring further consideration. Experiences of large disasters have shown that the role of women is significantly different from the one of men in the phases of prevention and disaster response. To further enhance resilience it is important to proactively include women in socio-political decision-making processes and to ensure the inclusion of women and youth-specific issues in disaster risk management plans. Therefore, the platform on Natural Hazards of the Alpine Convention - PLANALP - has included this topic in the current mandate 2015-2016. The focus is to raise awareness of gender issues in disaster risk reduction and to foster women's engagement by enhancing the visibility of female experts in this area of work.

2016/1 104-111