Evaluating the Effectiveness and the Efficiency of Mitigation Measures against Natural Hazards

Michael Bründl, Reto Baumann, André Burkard, Fabian Dolf, André Gauderon, Eva Gertsch, Peter Gutwein, Bernhard Krummenacher, Bernard Loup, Adrian Schertenleib, Nicole Oggier and Linda Zaugg-Ettlin

The Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland (FOEN) introduced EconoMe in 2008 to compare and prioritize mitigation projects against natural hazards. Mitigation projects have to be assessed regarding their effectiveness and economic efficiency with EconoMe in order to apply for financial subsidies. Experiences and user comments from practitioners have led to continuous improvement and the introduction of additional modules. As such, EconoMe- Light was introduced in 2015 for assessing projects with low investment costs and for a first, rapid estimation of the benefit-cost-ratio of a mitigation project. Analyses of 104 projects show that annual risk reduction of most projects exceeds the annual mitigation cost of mitigation measures by a factor two. The optimization of the effectiveness and the efficiency of mitigation measures is illustrated by the case study Rubi-/Chienbach in the Canton of Lucerne. In the next years, the performance and the data basis for risk calculations such as vulnerability and lethality curves will be improved and further tests on the robustness of the system for decision-making will be conducted.

2016/1 27-33